Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy, 7, Hides in Bathroom, Calls 911, Saves Family

This story from Norwalk, Ca., is gut wrenching. As passed on by Yemmi Agbebi on Twitter, the USA Today news story, "7-year-old thwarts gunmen by calling 911 from locked bathroom." Listening to the audio may make your blood run cold with fear for this child.


The USA Today story quotes little Carlos, who took his 7-year-old sister into the bathroom with him, telling the 911 operator, "There's some guy who's going to kill my mom and dad ... Bring cops. A lot of them ... And bring soldiers, too."

That quote shook me up. It shows the child's fear and reveals his innocence. Thank God he was smart enough to take his sister and hide.

Visit The L.A. Times to listen to the entire audio. The 911 operator did a good job talking to this little boy. My heart leapt into my mouth when the robbers broke into the bathroom and took the phone.

The operator is clearly shaken when the robbers come in and grab the children. Read full story at KTLA.

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  1. This was a rather interesting story, he's a brave little guy.