Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pay closer attention to It has answers.

This program,, seems like a possible solution to some of the issues that plague poor communities. From its website:
Families need decent affordable housing and comprehensive support to move toward self-sufficiency. For the past three decades, ACHIEVEability has engaged their families in comprehensive and holistic services to promote personal growth, including the pursuit of post-secondary education. Families benefit from stable housing and personalized coaching provided by ACHIEVEability to ensure their long-term success.
I'm going to donate and observe this organization more closely. I like its holistic approach, so I'm currently checking around to find out if the image I see in this video and on its website is an accurate reflection of its success. I do not believe we can completely eliminate poverty in the next one hundred years, but I do think we can put a big dent in it.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting our program! If you want more information on ACHIEVEability, please visit our website