Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hurting Mothers Because of Violence

This a 2008 video, but the problem still exist. Sometimes it swells to mind-numbing levels, as it was at the beginning of this year when I wrote the poem "Misery."

The YouTube video information provides the following information:
"Hurting Mothers Because of Violence" is a support group for mothers of murder victims. It was started at The New Hope Baptist Church by Desiree Watson Jones after her son was killed. By sharing their stories, the woman portrayed in this piece hope they are showing other mothers and family members affected by violence that they are not alone."
I haven't heard much about this group otherwise, however. The name of the group intrigues me, "Hurting Mothers Because of Violence." It makes it sound as though someone is hurting mothers in the name of violence, suggesting some kind of unseen force at work, giving the name a spiritual dimension. I wonder why they didn't say it the other way, "Mothers hurting because of violence." More than likely the inverted language of the title was not intentional, but it is interesting.

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