Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Feet Under The Pontchartrain

I discovered this video today, the song "Six Feet Under the Pontchartrain" that Phil Parnell uploaded to YouTube on Aug 25, 2010, with the following note:
From the CD "Callin The Children Home" by Denny Ilett
I wrote this song to document the rage I felt and still feel when I, and the rest of the world, watched in disbelief while the US government turned it's [sic] back on [...] citizens and turned away assistance from others while pouring taxpayers money into an illegal war to secure another country's oil and water resources. The peoples welfare and wishes are clearly being ignored for reasons of greed and imperialism and Katrina [flooding] is sadly just one example of the insanity that is being delivered to the world at large by the US and big business.
According to Phil's bio, he studied under Ellis Marsalis.

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