Thursday, December 3, 2009

May God Bless You Exceedingly, a sonnet

First published 2006

May God Bless You Exceedingly
   (a sonnet for the sweet and humble)
By Nordette Adams

Friends, may His grace and mercy shine sweet light
upon your lives this day and times beyond.
May His wings shadow you when you take flight.
With your fresh dreams, let not a thief abscond.
Let love from dawn to dawn reign in your world.
Let peace know home within your heart always.
Let no vile creatures crush your precious pearls.
Let joy join you and keep you all your days.
When you take rest upon each day's relent,
may He whose gift is sleep bless you with dreams,
with this your rest is fully heaven sent,
so may you rise with wisdom in full streams.
        I send this blessing to your door because
        you've shown me you seek love and not applause.

© Copyright 2006 Nordette N. Adams

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