Friday, October 30, 2009

Meditation for a young Christian mother

Mothering By Faith
By Nordette N. Adams

If I wake in the morning, I will bless Your name.
If sleep keeps me, then too will I praise You.

In the mornings, I step to your rhythm.
In the evenings, I hum with the Seraphim.
Each moment is blessed by Your grace.

When the baby cries I will soothe her with Your Psalms.
When she giggles, I will marvel at the breath of life.

If I stay home with my children, I will bless You.
If I must leave to find bread, in You will I trust.
In all things I give glory because You are.

So wondrous!
So wondrous!

(c) 2009 Copyright Nordette N. Adams

If you wish to use this poem-prayer or any other work by Nordette Adams, please contact the poet.

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