Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother of the Stubborn Child (poem)

Mother of the Stubborn Child
By Nordette Adams

I sag like a muggy morning drenched in a swamp's summer mist,
my bones feel as ancient as its mud when I see
you teeter on the brink of a ruined life,
prowl dark streets with wild seed.

Come back to me, my son; hear my voice, my daughter.

A mother's love should know no bounds.
What bounds there are my heart spills over
as it did the day I first saw your face, brown
and round and held you to my breasts.

I pray for you, my son, light candles for you, daughter.

A mother's tears speak her prayers as much as words.
A mother's chiding speaks her love as much as meals.
A mother's worry may paralyze her spirit, but
A mother's courage can vanquish fear.

May my whispers and light guide you home.

© 2009 Nordette Adams

Cool Mother's Day video gift.

Mom's Rising, a nonprofit, has a cool computer application that let's you send your mother a high tech card of sorts. The group's produced a "news" video that you can customize to include your mother's name or the name of the woman who's been a mother to you, or the name of your wife who's a mother that dubs her "Mother of the Year." Click here to insert your mom's name and send video. The writing on the page will also include your mother's name once you type it in. It's a riot! After you do the first one, you can send more to other women in your life who mother those around them.

Also, see my book picks for Mother's Day at

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