Friday, April 17, 2009

Does Lil Wayne's Sexual Assault Influence His Art?

Having read yesterday that rapper Lil Wayne was sexually assaulted as a child and recalling that he is from New Orleans, I've been mulling him over. Whether we approve of rap or not, think it's art or don't, rap lyrics still fall within poetic literature. So, how has Lil Wayne's life informed his art?

Looking at some of Lil Wayne's lyrics, such as those for "A Milli," off his CD Tha Carter III, I can see that his life, what he's been exposed to as an African-American male and as a son of New Orleans, influences his work, even in word choice. Using the French word derriere for a woman's behind, for instance, reminds us New Orleans is associated with French culture, but then he misspells the word, reminding us that he's a high school dropout and that education systems all over urban America are in trouble. ... Please continue reading at the New Orleans Literature Examiner.

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