Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Poet's Prayer for Ciara Monique Craig

When I first posted on Ciara Monique Craig, the 20-something NOLA mom who tossed her newborn baby into Lake Pontchartrain, I said I had no words yet and said I would have to revisit the matter later. Today words came to me.

Young Mother in Chains
Urban Mother's Prayer #2

They are babies themselves God, as we have chained them
to our concept of You and our concept of love
and our concept of righteousness.

They are fettered to the flesh and not to power of your Spirit--
to what we think You want and who we think You must be
and more judgment than mercy.

We are the ones who must know you better;
They are the ones who through us must know Your grace.

Forgive us and forgive them for not holding each babe
as more than a diamond in Your eyes,
as more precious than stars.

We wait and listen for your voice.
Look at our bloody hands and have mercy.
We long for your presence,
look at our hardened hearts.
Drop the holy tear that softens.

Strengthen every mother who huddles in darkness to love
her child more than herself,
to know that love remains superior to fear,
to believe that in all things You will strengthen her
to love as You love.

In your name, in Love,

(c) 2009 Nordette Adams

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