Saturday, February 7, 2009

'Gifted Hands,' The Ben Carson Story, Now on TNT

I'll be watching TNT's Gifted Hands, the story of renowned black neurosurgeon Ben Carson (pictured) tonight. Carson's story is also mentioned at CNN today. His life has intrigued me for a while, a beautiful man with so much to share beyond saving physical lives. I bought his biography for my son when the child was about 10 years old, and did an internal happy dance when I saw trailers for the movie last week.

If you catch this post after the movie starts (nine minutes from now), then you can watch it when it repeats later tonight. TNT link.

Here's video below of a review of tonight's movie from the Baltimore Sun, and the reporter also has an interview with Dr. Carson at this link. Role Mommy's talking about this movie as well.

Even if every critic bashed it, I'd still watch tonight.

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